Tips To Plan The Perfect Bachelor Weekend

Planning a great bachelor party takes time and thought, whether you hire a driver for a single event, a day of celebration, or an entire weekend. If you’re in charge of making arrangements, read on for some tips from LimoABC to make his last day as a single man memorable.

  1. Pick An Appropriate Theme
  2. Compile A Complete Guest List
  3. Discuss the Budget
  4. Reserve Events, Transportation, & Etc.
  5. Celebrate The Groom

1. Pick Your Theme

Unless it’s a surprise party, ask the groom what he’d like to do. If you want to keep things mum, asking the bride-to-be is also acceptable. Consider what he likes to do in his spare time and plan events around those interests. Ensure you tailor the bachelor party to what your groom actually wants—a sober introvert will not be interested in a party bus to a VIP club rental or a night of barhopping, just as someone who’s not outdoorsy may not appreciate a chauffeured drive culminating in a fishing excursion.

  • White Water Rafting
  • Getting Box Seats At A Sporting Event Or Concert
  • Renting ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Or Motorcycles
  • Fishing, Camping, Or Hiking Trips
  • Whiskey Tastings Or Private Club Rentals

2. Create A Fun Guest List

Make a priority list of his closest friends and family members, and reach out to them first—they could also be helpful in the planning stage. Next, consider people the groom would like to be there—for example, newer friends or close colleagues—even if they aren’t in the inner circle of friends. Send invites as soon as possible, so they can save the date, ensuring your limo or party bus will be jovially packed with a great turnout of revelers and supporters.

3. Agree On A Budget

Depending on the plans, bachelor parties can range from a few hundred dollars for an evening to thousands for multiple days, including travel. Obviously, the planner isn’t responsible for all these costs, so ask attendees to chip in in advance, so you can afford to pay deposits and balances for excursions and rentals. Discussing a clear budget in advance also eliminates the possibility of any hard feelings that could result from people feeling blindsided by costs.

4. Secure Reservations & Vendors

Many choose to host bachelor parties over a 3-day holiday weekend, but events, rooms, and services tend to book up quickly and cost a bit more during these times. Regardless of which day or weekend your choose, make arrangements and reservations early.

  • Book Activities: Make reservations as far in advance as possible. This is critical if you plan to attend a major game or event, fly out of town, or book a tour.
  • Arrange Transportation: How you get the group around depends on your plans. A party bus may be the answer for some events, while a chauffeured car service might suit others. If luxury is a priority, consider a limousine rental with a chauffeur or luxury vehicles like hummers and SUVs with professional drivers.
  • Reserve Accommodations: Ensure that out-of-town attendees have a place to stay. For destination parties, book accommodations that fit guests’ budgets.
  • Organize Food & Drink Reservations: Meals, drinks, & late-night eats are essential to any bachelor party. Ensure you get the reservations you want by booking in advance, particularly if you plan to book trendy restaurants or bars.

5. Enjoy The Festivities

The point of these gatherings is to celebrate the bonds of friendship as well as the groom’s future with his partner. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to leave your stress at the door, live it up, and celebrate the future groom!

Let Us Take Care Of Your Bachelor Party Transportation

At LimoABC, we can get you to all bachelor party locations with ease, comfort, and luxury. Our professional drivers and chauffeurs will eliminate stress by ensuring you arrive safely and responsibly, with no one stuck as the designated driver for the night. Although we primarily serve the tri-state area of CT, NY, and NJ, we can make trips nationwide. Call us today to schedule a driver for your bachelor party events!

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