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Private Driver Service

At in New Haven, CT, we take the stress and worry of navigation and parking out of your day with private driver services throughout the United States. Let us get you where you need to go, in your own private, comfortable car, without any of the rush or road rage.

Minimize Frustration & Save Time

Driving can cause a lot of undue stress. No matter who you’re with or where you go, can provide you with a professional private driver that caters to your personal or corporate transportation needs in style.

  • Business Meetings
  • Daily Driving For Work
  • School Transportation For Busy Families
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Social Outings & Errands
  • VIP Transportation
  • Get Around Unfamiliar Cities
  • Avoid Taxi Fees

Increase Productivity, Decrease Stress

Driving yourself or a client isn’t only stressful but can take up too many of what could be the most productive hours of your day. Catch up on emails and phone calls without having to worry about where to turn next or what’s going on with traffic. Having a chauffeur can be so liberating.

Experience Premium Chauffeur Service

Need to arrive in style? Hire us as your personal chauffeur service to take you to your special event. Or, if you’re trying to plan a magical evening for a group of family and friends, let us worry about the ride.

Not interested in using your own car or need something bigger for a night out? We also offer everything from limos to tour buses. We’re your local source for luxury transportation.

No More Parking Problems

When you’re driving yourself, figuring out where you’re going to park can be a real pain. Parking fees and costs can really add up. Finding a place to leave your car and having to hike to your destination is inconvenient, especially when the venue that you are going to has limited parking options or is experiencing a rush in business.

We invite you to rely on your chauffeur instead. Sit back and visit with friends or just relax. With a private driver, parking problems are a thing of the past.

Hire Your Driver Today

Get the kids to school, go over your notes on your way to the meeting, don’t worry about having to pick up your car after a wild night out. offers professional, reliable personal chauffeurs to take care of your day-to-day driving or your special occasion transportation.

Contact us today in New Haven, CT so we can discuss your needs and reserve your private driver. We offer you simplicity and service with style.

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