How Much Do You Tip A Limo Driver?

Wondering how much you should tip a limo driver can be a pretty tough question, but LimoABC in Connecticut has the right answers for you!

Why You Should Tip Your Driver

In the United States, most hospitality workers; waiters, bartenders, valets, and limo drivers make below minimum wage and are expected to make the rest of their hourly rate through tips.

Although some countries, such as Japan, might look at tipping as offensive, in the United States tipping personal driver services is necessary. If you’re taking a limo to and from major American airports in the tri-state area like:

your limo rental drivers, cab drivers, even party bus drivers will all expect a tip in these areas.

How Much Should You Tip a Personal Driver?

It is commonly known that tipping at a restaurant should be 15% of the bill, but does this hold true for an airport limo driver?

A good rule of thumb for tipping limo drivers:

  • 15-20% for good service
  • Less than 15% for bad service, or you can submit a customer complaint and reach out to the owners of the rental limo agency
  • No tip if a “gratuity fee” is already included in your bill

Now that you know the amount to tip, you might be wondering what is considered good or bad service. It’s all up to your personal experience, but some things to remember include:

  • Timeliness. Was your airport transportation on time and were you able to get to your destination in a timely manner?
  • Baggage. Did your driver offer to help you with your bags?
  • Helpfulness. Was your driver able to offer friendly advice, or were they rude the entire trip?

LimoABC Limo Services are Worth The Tip

An excellent limo and car service can be a memorable experience, help you explore the city in style, or simply take the stress out of getting where you need to go. At LimoABC we make sure to offer high-quality customer service, contact us to schedule your trip with one of our professional and courteous drivers.

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