5 Reasons A Private Driver Is Better Than Uber Or Lyft

When you need a ride and can’t or don’t want to drive, you have two options – ring up your private chauffeur or wait on a rideshare, like Uber or Lyft. We’ve weighed the complaints and compliments and put together five great reasons to ditch Uber and Lyft.

  1. Late & Canceled Rides
  2. Rude, Creepy, Or Inappropriate Drivers
  3. Inexperienced Drivers
  4. Minimal Driver Requirements
  5. Messy, Dangerous & Unreliable Vehicles

1. Late Or Canceled Rides

Have you ever been waiting for what seems like an eternity while your Uber seems lost? Sometimes the driver will even cancel the ride out of the blue. Now, you have to start all over, wasting your valuable time and possibly getting to your destination late.

2. Stranger Danger – Who’s That Driver?

Was your last Lyft driver actually the same person in the same car the app said they would be? You should never have to risk your safety by getting into a random car with a sketchy person behind the wheel.

There are many issues with rideshare apps. Even though they claim to be more cost-efficient than other options, more and more people are opting out of using Uber and Lyft.

3. Inexperienced Drivers

Pretty much anyone can be an Uber or Lyft driver. Inefficient or inexperienced drivers can be a huge problem. Some drivers don’t know their way around town, let alone the entire tri-state area.

4. Minimal Driver Requirements

What were you like as a new driver? Some rideshare drivers have only had their license for one year (yes, that is the minimum amount of time driving required by some cities). There have been terrifying accounts of traffic accidents during Uber rides and unsafe driving complaints. Is it really worth the risk?

5. Messy, Dangerous & Unreliable Vehicles

Most Uber or Lyft rides are not from a professional fleet. They are the driver’s personal vehicle. This means you don’t know how often the car is serviced or cleaned, if at all.

Imagine being late for work because of a tire blowout or engine problem due to lack of maintenance or getting into a rideshare that feels more like a messy room or dirty movie theater.

Our Private Drivers Will Exceed Your Expectations

Our professional private drivers are respectful, reliable, and always on time. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained. We will always get you to your promised destination as safely, swiftly, and comfortably as possible.

Schedule Your Reliable Ride In CT

You don’t have to gamble on Uber or Lyft for a ride anymore. Our crew of professional drivers is here to serve your private transportation needs in New Haven and Bridgeport, Connecticut, as well as other select locations in the tri-state area. Contact us today with your itinerary to see how we can accommodate your unique travel needs.

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