Bachelorette In A Limo

Want to plan the perfect bachelorette party? of Connecticut has limousines, town cars, and party buses with a private driver to whisk you anywhere in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. If brunch at Anejo’s in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen sounds good to you and your bridal squad, let us know. The margaritas are bottomless and paired with sumptuous small Mexican plates.

Tips For Planning The Perfect Bachelorette Weekend

  1. Private Car Service For Arrivals
  2. Hire a Photographer For The Bachelorette Weekend
  3. Don’t Overbook Activities
  4. Budget Realistically
  5. Throw A Pole Party

1) A Private Car Adds A Personal Touch

Bachelorette parties should include personal touches to show how much their participation is valued. Having a private car service meet them and take them to your hotel or Airbnb where the weekend’s activities will take place is a nice touch.

2) Hire A Photographer

Hire a photographer to capture your bachelorette weekend with your ride-or-die crew, including arrivals, brunch, quiet moments, and limo fun. The weekend could go by in a flash and you’ll want to remember those moments forever. Good photographers blend into the background, capturing intimate conversations over coffee, encouraging hugs, or group lunches. We make fabulous photo backdrops while we drive you around for your photo shoot, so rent a limo for all or part of the day.

3) Don’t Overbook Activities

Don’t cram too many things into your day, or evening, for that matter. Your guests are there because they want to spend quality time celebrating the occasion. Make each activity memorable by paying attention to the details that will show them how much they are appreciated. Allow extra time to just chill or share after an activity. Make sure they have a couple of hours in the day to catch up on their own lives—return calls, check in on their families.

4) Budget For The Entire Bachelorette Weekend

Get a handle on what your expenses for the weekend are going to be, then add a contingency percentage for any plan B that might occur. Most places will have a group discount and also a wedding or bachelorette event rate. Ask for a liaison from the hotel or restaurant to work with you to make sure you’re including all costs as well as gratuities. Call our office for an estimate or specials on a limo rental or car service to and from the locations you want to visit.

5) Throw A Pole Party

Get your friends together for a fun pole party in Hartford. We’ll get you all there safely in one of our limousines that are outfitted for a night out at Pole Control Studios, where you can book a private bachelorette party. For hassle-free fun, let us handle the driving.

Call Us For Private Car Service Rental has the perfect limo for your weekend celebration. Let’s review your itinerary with you and get you set up with a private driver for your weekend of fun. Call us now for a quote for your limo rental.

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